6 delicious ways to eat like a Texan

It’s said that everything’s bigger in Texas, including the portions. Anyone who’s been there will tell you that there’s a good reason for this—those big portions are packed with big flavor. Here are some of the Lone Star State’s staple menu items worth sampling on your next trip.


1. Let's get some margaritas


 Wet your whistle like a true Texan with this classic cocktail. A frozen margarita is recommended, particularly if you’re visiting in the summer. If you’re in San Antonio, stop by La Fogata, a Mexican restaurant known for its signature array of margaritas—each garnished with an edible orchid. Or, try La Condesa in Austin, which offers both a classic margarita and one with a twist—pineapple juice and agave nectar.

2. Get stuffed with cheese enchiladas

cheese enchiladas

You can’t go to Texas and not try some Tex-Mex fare, especially a plate of cheese enchiladas. Satisfy your Tex-Mex cravings at Sylvia’s Enchilada Kitchen in Houston. The owner, Sylvia Casares, is hailed as “The Queen of Tex-Mex Cuisine.”  

3. Sit down for chicken fried steak

chicken fried steak

If you like your steak fried and smothered in gravy, take advantage of your time in Texas. In fact, the chicken fried steak served at Hickory Hollow in Houston has been featured on the Food Network. Or, if you’re really hungry, try Lulu’s in San Antonio, known for their outrageous portions, not to mention their cinnamon rolls, perfect if you want to finish with something sweet.

4. Great Texas barbecue is a must

Texas barbecue

Get ready to eat messy and leave satisfied because the barbecue in Texas is a treat you can’t miss. Brisket is particularly popular and there’s no better place to get it than Franklin Barbecue in Austin. Franklin Barbecue is so popular, you’ll want to leave yourself some extra time, as the lines can get pretty hectic.

5. Let’s try some Frito pie

Frito pie

A true Southern treat, sometimes called the Texas Straw Hat, this quirky dish throws together chili, cheese and Fritos corn chips. Originally popular at state fairs, there are plenty of recipes for homemade Frito Pie (if you want to be really authentic, serve it in the bag.) Or, if you’re not ready to tackle this dish yourself, head to Austin and check out the Texas Chili Parlor.

6. Finish it all off with pecan pie

pecan pie

Finish off your meal with this sweet Texas favorite. If you don’t like sharing, try Tiny Pies in Austin, a mother-daughter gig that specializes in personal pies (although they come in a variety of sizes.) Or, for a twist on the traditional pecan pie, head to Emporium Pies in Dallas and sample their Drunken Nut pie.