Labor Day getaways to close out summer in style

Labor Day weekend serves as summer’s last hurrah for many of us. And while we love having that extended weekend, we sometimes don’t do as much with as we should. We’re here to tell you it’s possible to escape from home for that first weekend in September, and to some places you may not have thought possible.

Labor Day

A little background on how we got our information. The flights are based on two people flying from September 4 to September 7, 2015. And the average hotel cost comes from three- or four-star accommodations near major attractions (no airport hotels here) during the same time frame, using our “most popular” search feature. All airfares and hotel costs are correct at time of publication, so click on the buttons to find up-to-date pricing.

1. New York City

New York City

Who could pass up a chance to enjoy Labor Day weekend in the Big Apple? New York City has plenty of museums, Broadway shows and attractions to keep anyone busy for days. A fine meal for two shouldn’t cost more than $75, and you can check out touristy staples like the Empire State Building ($64) and Statue of Liberty (36) won’t bleed you dry.

Los Angeles to New York City: $885

San Francisco to New York City: $934

Seattle to New York City: $837

New York City hotels: $786 (Avg. cost)

2. Miami, Florida


Making a break for it to South Beach to celebrate Labor Day weekend is more of a reality than the dream you thought it’d be. Lounging around while you people watch on South Beach – an activity that won’t cost you a dime – you can also check out the Art Deco buildings on Ocean Drive. Once you’re done working on your tan, stop and smell the roses at the beautiful Vizcaya Museum & Gardens ($30). And that’s all before you head out to party until the early morning hours at iconic Miami hot spots like the Clevelander.

Los Angeles to Miami: $643

San Francisco to Miami: $946

Seattle to Miami: $822

Miami hotels: $540 (Avg. cost)

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans

New Orleans isn’t just good for Mardi Gras, you know? The Big Easy lives up to its nickname every way possible on a daily basis. Start your days off with a beignet and café au lait at Café du Monde ($6), then maybe go for a tour of St. Louis Cathedral (free) after getting draped in the party atmosphere of the French Quarter (free, if you’re not stopping for drinks at the bars). The only thing you really need to worry about while hanging out in NOLA for Labor Day weekend is how well you can dance to zydeco.

Los Angeles to New Orleans: $1,051

San Francisco to New Orleans: $1,233

Seattle to New Orleans: $1,127

New Orleans hotels: $609 (Avg. cost)

4. Honolulu, Hawaii


Folks on the west coast have the benefit of having a tropical paradise like Honolulu less than six hours away. And we feel it’s time you use it to your advantage. Waikiki Beach is like one giant free playground for you to take it easy. You’ll get plenty of culture from the Honolulu Museum of Art ($10). And it’s well worth the time to pay your respects to our fallen heroes at the Pearl Harbor Memorial (free). Quite the escape from daily life.

Los Angeles to Honolulu: $1,103

San Francisco to Honolulu: $1,122 

Seattle to Honolulu: $970

Honolulu hotels: $721 (Avg. cost)