10 amazing hotels you can stay at in the United States

Many think that vacations revolve around the city you’re visiting. But the fact remains that many hotels in the United States are main attractions in their own right. We’ve put together a list of destinations you simply have to see to believe.

the United States

1. El Cosmico – Marfa, Texas

El Cosmico
There’s a nomadic spirit that’s distinctly American about this hotel you can find just three hours away by car from El Paso. El Cosmico believes in becoming one with the vast West Texas landscape it calls home while giving nods to the all sorts of cultures. Classic U.S. road trips are highlighted with old travel trailers converted to rooms. You can also find yurts like in Central Asia, Native American-styled teepees, and tents that are beautiful in their simplicity.

2. Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Downtown Union Station – Indianapolis, Indiana

Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Downtown Union Station

Housed in America’s very first Union Station, this hotel takes full advantage of its history. Authentic Pullman train car guest rooms are available, and they rest on the original tracks of the station. You can even hear the muffled sounds of trains rumbling as they pass through the area. It’s still adjacent to the Amtrak station so you can hop on a working train if you want. 

3. Out‘n’About Treesort – Cave Junction, Oregon

Out‘n’About Treesort

You may have played in a treehouse as a kid, but they’ve got nothing on this relaxing resort near the Siskiyou National Forest. Out‘n’About’s well-appointed treehouses that are five hours south of Portland feature everything you’d expect for a family vacation – proper beds, kitchenettes and bathrooms. There’s a serenity about the area you can just soak in at the Morgan Horse breeding ranch onsite or watching the dogs and cats that live her as well. For those with a sense of adventure will love that some of the treehouses can only be accessed by zip lines or swinging bridges? How cool is that?!?

4. Liberty Hotel – Boston, Massachusetts

Liberty Hotel

Luxury prisons evidently is a thing in Norway. While that might not be the case here in the States, there’s at least one old lockup that went posh. The Liberty Hotel in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood was once known as the Charles Street Jail (Malcom X was an inmate at one time). Now it’s a hotel full of plush rooms and clever names that play on words you’d hear on an episode of Law & Order, like a restaurant called Clink and the Alibi bar.

5. Dog Bark Park Inn – Cottonwood, Idaho

Dog Bark Park Inn

A lot of guys have been in the dog house, but not many can say they’ve actually stayed inside a dog. Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin started out carving dogs out of wood, then they went bigger. Way bigger. The bed & breakfast that looks like a beagle is nearly 30-feet tall and features a queen bed, adjacent loft with a pair of twin mattresses and loads of dog-themed details inside. You'll find it just over four hours north of Boise.

6. Jules’ Undersea Lodge – Key Largo, Florida

When they say this is an undersea lounge, they mean it. To reach the entrance for Jules’ Undersea Lodge you have to scuba dive 21 feet below the sea surface, and you must be a certified diver to enter. Once you’re in the cottage sized building you’ll quickly realize it has all the creature comforts you want – hot showers, a stocked kitchen with fridge and microwave, and a comfy bedroom. Just one tip: pizza delivery is a bit of a chore, and they don’t adhere to the “30 minutes or less” mantra when you’re staying underwater.


7. Kokopelli’s Cave Bed & Breakfast – Farmington, New Mexico

 Kokopelli’s Cave Bed & BreakfastWe know it’s possible to go for a ride on a zip line inside of a cave, but they’re just as good for relaxing. This B&B overlooking the gorgeous La Plata river valley is 70 feet below ground and 1,700 square feet of awesome. Your usual goods are here. Plus, rock walls in the waterfall shower and a Jacuzzi tub. Another perk of being in a cave is the temp will stay between 68 and 73 degrees.

8. Queen Mary – Long Beach, California

Queen Mary

Turn back the clock the next time you’re out on the west coast. This former ocean liner has become as big as tourist attraction in Long Beach as the gorgeous beaches of the area. The Queen Mary, which you can get terrific rates from Skyscanner, has elegant staterooms, three world-class restaurants and is one of the most romantic wedding locales in the country.

9. Winvian – Morris, Connecticut


If you’re heading to either Boston or New York City for your vacation, then you’d do well to make the two-hour drive for a stay at the Winvian. This isn’t your typical hotel. Instead, it’s 19 different cottages – all with their own theming. You can stay in an old Coast Guard helicopter that’s been turned into the Chopper cottage. Or maybe you’d fancy a stay in the Beaver Lodge suite that boast interlocking sticks that create an incredible canopy above the bed. It’s a quirky luxury resort that does a brilliant job of feeling like a home away from home.

10. Turpentine Creek – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Turpentine Creek

When is a hotel not a hotel? When it’s more of a zoo. Turpentine Creek is an animal refuge for big cats like lions, tigers, leopards and the occasional bear. But you can book a stay at the refuge in a safari-themed room that’s right in the middle of all the action. The proceeds of your stay go to helping the animals, which is a great thing.