5 amazing American monuments to visit around the world

American history in Belgium? Micronesia? Yeah, it’s possible to find monuments to the United States in places around the world in places you never would have guessed. Here are five places you can scope out while in the area for your next great adventure.


1. Scottish-American Soldiers Monument – Edinburgh, Scotland

Scottish-American Soldiers Monument

A walk up Princes Street will take you to Old Carlton Cemetery. That’s where you’ll find the only monument dedicated to the American Civil War. Abraham Lincoln stands atop this marker as a freed slave reaching toward him in this memorial dedicated to Scots that fought for the Union Army at the time. This also happens to the first monument of an American President in any country outside of the United States.  

2. Musée de la bataille de la Salm et du Saillant – Belgium
On December 16 1944, German troops launched into an offensive attack in the Belgian Ardennes against the American army. It was the biggest & deadliest battle for the US in World War II, and small barn converted into a museum honors the memory of the American troops. The Salm and “du Saillant” Battle Museum boasts impressive dioramas and gear of both American and German soldiers of the time. 

3. Texas Legation – London, England

Texas Legation

Many remember from their US history classes that from 1836 to 1846, the Republic of Texas was a sovereign nation in North America. Well, they had to press the flesh and be seen out in the world, which is why they had a legation (embassy) opposite the gates of St. James’s Palace. While the embassy is long gone, you can still get a fine bottle of wine from its old neighbors, Berry Bros. & Rudd.

4. Tinian Bomb Pits – Micronesia
Just north of Guam is Tinian Island. Not exactly a place you’ve ever thought about going to for a holiday, but it’s an important place in American History. This is where the Enola Gay and Bockscar received their nuclear weapons that would level Hiroshima and Nagasaki, effectively ending World War II. The bomb pits that were used to load the planes are now covered in glass with photos to memorialize the moment. 

5. Tengchong Cemetery – Tengchong, China
Not too far off the Myanmar boarder lies Tengchong, China. Several thousand Chinese soldiers were killed defending this city during World War II. But there were a number of American soldiers that took part in the battle, 19 losing their lives. You’ll find headstones honoring all 19 soldiers at Tengchong Cemetery. It’s a solemn place to visit in a town that’s absolutely gorgeous. 

Which American monuments are your favorite to visit? Let us know below.