Europe's 10 most unique villages

There is nothing more quintessentially Europe than exploring a small village, with its unique cultures, foods, and traditions! So rent a car with Skyscanner's mobile app to see some of these great villages you need to visit on your next European vacation.


1. Colmar, France


A small village in Northern France, Colmar is a slice of Venice in the heart of the French countryside. Boasting beautiful architecture, unique canals, and incredible wine, Colmar is the very best of the France few get to see. And we weren’t joking about the incredible wine - Colmar is known to have the best Alsatian wine on the planet

2. Pucisca, Croatia


This incredible Croatian village is located on the island of Brac, and is so beautiful you would think you have stepped into a Thomas Kinkade painting!

3. Manarola, Italy


This village located off the coast of the Mediterranean is known for its vibrantly colored homes, and for a very unique characteristic: there are no cars allowed in the village! All transportation at Manarola is by foot.

4. Chalfont St. Giles, England


This beautiful village in England has been standing since the 11th century! Only 45 minutes from London, it is the perfect place for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

5. Arnis, Germany


Founded in the 1600s, this village in Germany is a beautiful seaside option for adventurers. Pro Tip: the seafood in Arnis is considered to be some of the very best in all of Germany, so be sure to sample the local delicacies!

6. Giethoorn, Holland, the Netherlands


Another European village that has canals, Giethoorn is all the best of Holland. Friendly locals, tulip gardens, and cute curio shops abound in the village that has been a hidden gem since the 13th century!

7. Mundal, Norway


This small village whose population is under 500 is an incredible hidden gem in the country of Norway! Just a few miles from the sea, and from the famous Jostedal glacier, Mundal is home to beautiful locals who are happy for all who make the trek to their small village.

8. Gruyeres, Switzeland


This village in Switzerland is filled with cobblestone streets, beautiful architecture, and views of the magnificent Alps!

9. Lacock, England


A beautiful small village in England, Lacock is truly a throwback to the 13th century, when the village was first founded. Tudor architecture dominates the village, which is so authentic that the BBC utilizes it for taping some of Britain’s most famous period television shows.

10. Marsaxlokk, Malta


First founded in 900 BC, Marsaxlokk is perhaps the most beautiful fishing village in all of Europe! Pro Tip: a trip to the village absolutely must include a trip to the city’s famous fish markets for fresh Lampuki!