6 ways to survive long plane flights

Heading out on your dream vacation but it’s going to take five or more hours to get there on your direct flight? Here’s some tips to get out of the straight shot relatively unscathed. 

6 ways to survive long plane flights

1. Prepare the Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

While some airlines offer in-flight entertainment it may not exactly be what you want to see or do. Instead, charge everything that you can use on a flight (laptop, tablet, smartphone) before you board. And make sure you’ve got a solid catalog of music, games, books and movies/TV shows to entertain yourself. After a couple of flicks it’ll almost be time to get off the plane.

2. I’m out there Jerry, and loving every minute of it!


Now you don’t want to be as loose as Kramer was in that particular Seinfeld episode, but you will want to be comfortable on your long flight. So wear comfortable shoes, jeans/shorts and shirts to minimize any discomfort you’ll have on the plane.

3. Sweet, sweet ZzzQuil


Despite what people tell you it’s not all that easy to sleep on a flight. You’ve got a better chance of tossing and turning while that big guy three rows down snores like a chainsaw than you do of nodding off easily. Unless you absolutely need a doctor-prescribed sleep aid (be sure to try them before you fly), most over-the-counter products (ZzzQuil, Nytol, etc.) will do just fine. And don’t forget an eye mask to keep the light out, too.

4. Go for a stroll

Go for a stroll

Your seat might be comfy, but you’re still going to get a bit fidgety on a cheap long haul flight you found on Skyscanner – we all do. So when the “fasten seat belt” sign is off, get out of your seat and take a minute or two to walk around the cabin. Maybe go to the restroom and splash some water on your face. It’ll keep you relaxed and help shrink the already small chances of you getting deep vein thrombosis.

5. Keep it light

Keep it light

If you’re on a long flight the chances are good you’re going on a lengthy vacation. With that being said, you probably don’t need to take too much stuff for carry on. Nothing worse than having to lug a small, but heavy bag through the cramped aisles of a plane after you land… especially if you’ve been on that plane for eight straight hours. And if you have to put it under the seat, then you’re just giving up essential legroom.

6. Any upgrades?

Any upgrades?

Online check-in means some folks can pick their seats in advance of being on the plane. But some people could’ve cancelled their spot on the flight, meaning you could get an upgrade. Just ask the agent when you’re checking in your bags. If you’re a member of their frequent flyer club and not on your first flight with the airline, then you’ve got a slightly better shot. The worst they can tell you is “no,” and you’re no worse for the wear.