10 Breathtaking Pictures You Won’t Believe Are Actually Real

Sometimes we see something unbelievable around us or in newspapers just like a movie character coming alive then we find out that it was magic of Photoshop but we have brought to you some real photographs that will take time for you to accept that they are real.

1. Giant Horns

Giant Horns

 If you’re thinking it as a character from a fictional film whose horns have been enlarged using some software then let me clear you out. This are absolutely real horns with a 37.5 inch circumference.  These African Watusi steer holds a world record for largest horns ever. Unfortunately this Lurch passed away in 2010.

2. The Captured Cloud

The Captured Cloud

WTF? How can there be a cloud inside a room? But fortunately it is the work of artist Berndnaut Smilde. He measures the temperature and humidity in a room in order to create clouds indoors.

3. City Made Of Lego’s

City Made Of Lego’s

Looks like a great work by group of kids using lego’s! But it isn’t a shot of a child’s play set. It is the real place named San Buenaventura complex in Ixtapaluca, Mexico City.

4. Huge Clay Art?

Huge Clay Art

The above image which seems like a photo of a clay art is a dry riverbed of the Sossusvlei river. It is not known why the dunes are created in this formation. The mystery continues

5. The Monster

The Monster
Neither a sea monster nor a scene from some monster film. It is sadly just the carcass of a deceased whale floating to shore

6. Mesmerizing Painting.

Mesmerizing Painting

 Amazing painting! But unfortunately not.It is the Grand Prismatic Springs in Yellowstone National Park. This mixture of various artistic colors is due to various bacteria.

7. Cheap Editing?

Cheap Editing

 Seems like some one has just carved his name using some editing tool on this island. Yes true but not using editing, it is actually carved on the island of Al Futaisi which is owned by Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamadan Al Nahyan. The name is written two miles wide and half a mile tall, making it clearly visible from space.

8. City In Cloud Terror

City In Cloud Terror

The city is under the terror of this clouds, is not a scenario from any hollywood movie but the real, terrifying asperitas (formerly asperatus) clouds in Iowa.

9. The Zipper Road

The Zipper Road

 This isn’t a distorted image of road making it wavy & split but the real road in Japan. This road was struck by an earthquake creating a natural rift between the two lanes.

10. The Footprints

The Footprints

These image is not edited nor this man has a clay flooring. This foot prints are actually worn into the ground by a monk as he prays in the exact same spot multiple times every day for more than two decades.