10 most annoying things you see on plane flights

You’re hoping for a nice, relaxing plane flight to some tropical destination. But there are people in this bus with wings that seem bent on ruining the trip before it even starts. Here are 10 people that annoying us on planes.

plane flight

1. The storage hog
You’ve waited patiently to board the plane and just want to toss your carry-on into the storage bin. Yet when you go to place it in the overhead compartment you see your neighbor’s jacket, sweater and laptop out of their luggage. That space is at a premium and they’re hogging it. Instead of yelling at them yourself, just let the flight attendant know what’s happened – they know all the tricks to move their junk around and still fit your stuff comfortably in the compartment. 

2. The stinky one
The plane is at capacity and you should be relaxing, but all you can think about is the person next to you that hasn’t showered since the Bush Administration. They’re pungent. Like blue cheese that’s been left in a car during the summer pungent. Flight attendants keep some deodorant on hand for this very reason, but a less obtrusive way of making it better is just taking one of those little tree air fresheners for your car and placing it between the seats. Just open the bottom of the package because a fully exposed freshener will give you one heck of a headache. 

3. Armchair dictators
Still not sure why airplane seat designers haven’t devised a way to give each seat an armrest, but it’s what we’ve got to deal with now. Two seats. One armrest. The winner takes all… at least that’s what your neighbor believes as they hog the whole thing. There’s really no polite way to handle this one, so just elbow your way in for a portion of the armrest. These folks usually get the point when you use a tad bit of force as long as you’re not delivering “The People’s Elbow.”

plane flight

4. Chatty Cathy
I don’t think any of us really mind a little small talk with our immediate neighbors on the plane. But when they’re still chatting you up 40 minutes into the flight? Not so much. You could just tell them to zip it, but that’s aching to give you some bad juju. Easier way to deal with it is to just slip your headphones on (over-the-head style is preferable) and they’ll usually pipe down.

5. The total recliner
It takes a while for us to wiggle into that moment of Zen while in our chair. That spot where everything is perfect with you and your surroundings. Then the person in front of you decides to recline all the way down, killing your serenity, use of the meal tray and free space as well. Most folks will gladly move their seatback when asked nicely. If they wind up being a real jerk about it, you’re well within your right to call a flight attendant over and ask to switch seats. 

plane flight

6. The one with the sniffles
When you think about it, airplanes are perfect germ incubators. Small spaces with a lot of people breathing the same recycled air. And while it’s not their fault, odds are good one person will be suffering from a cold. Short of forcing them to wear a surgical mask on the flight, your best bet is just wash your hands a lot or bring some hand sanitizer.

7. Restroom mongers
You’ve been sitting on this plane for three hours and desperately need to go to the bathroom. Only problem is the same person has been coming in and out that you’d expect them to charge you a fee just to enter. Ask the flight attendants when you’re boarding the plane where the washrooms are at and you won’t have to do the potty dance.

8. The sleeping spotlight
You’re flying the red eye from Miami to London. It’s an eight-hour flight and you’d like to catch a catnap. But the dude sleeping across the aisle has left his light on in the vicinity of your face. Sleep masks normally make this a non-issue. If you don’t have one of those, the just turn it off yourself (politeness be damned). You can also just ask a flight attendant to do it if you must keep appearances, but all’s fair at 3 am over the Atlantic Ocean. 

9. The loud watcher/gamer
I’m pretty sure if it weren’t for books, tablets and laptops most people on long plane flights would tear each other apart. However, some folks that bring a gaming device or watch movies on their iPad believe you want to hear everything they’re doing. We don’t. Never did. You can shut them out with your own headphones, but pointing it out to the attendants to handle it nicely because most airlines already supply you with headphones that’ll fit these devices. 

10. Cell phone warriors
Never understood the need to hop onto your cell phone the moment the plane has landed and started to taxi its way to the gate. What could possibly be so important that you simply must make a call on the slow roll? There’s no real recourse to stop folks from doing it, so just let it go and be happy you’ve reached your destination. 

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