6 walkable US Cities for pedestrian perfection

You’re finally on vacation. You’ve got your perfect hotel and adependable rental car. But sometimes you just want to step outside and walk around to see what the city has to offer. Here are six cities in the United States that are perfect for a stroll with the family. 

US Cities

1. New York City

New York City

How could we start this list with any other city? I mean, really! New York City is built for foot traffic or any mode of public transit for when you’re tired. Take a walk on Broadway to see all the old theaters that still pack people in night after night. Central Park is one of the most relaxing places you could ever find in the world. Prince Street in SoHo gives you a solid dose of atmosphere and history of the city. It’ll also take you by Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which you must go inside to see the brilliant interior.

2. Chicago, Illinois


The Windy City is perfect for visitors just wanting to walk around the city. Walking down Michigan Avenue (a.k.a. The Magnificent Mile) let’s shopaholics go wild, and sightseers can get glimpses of the amazing architecture. Navy Pier has rides for kiddies and stellar looks at Lake Michigan. And no self-respecting sports fan can pass up to enjoy the happy hour known as a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. Another boon for the city is a transit system that can get you most anyplace without having to drive. 

3. Miami, Florida


It’s true that South Florida is spread out, but Miami is still a real treat for an evening walk. Ocean Drive in South Beach is the place to see all sorts of tanned bodies, ocean vistas, celebrities and nightclubs that make you lose all sense of time. Brickell Avenue is also worth your time. This is the heart of the financial district for Miami and has great restaurants and bars to chill out at with the locals. 

4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The City of Brotherly Love hooks you up with plenty of cool places to walk to in the area. You can always see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall within four minutes of one another. But a real treat is the Museum District on the Ben Franklin Parkway – the standout being the Barnes Foundation, where you’ll find one of the finest collections of impressionism, post-impressionists and modern art in all of the world. If you’re looking for a taste of the odd, then walk 15 minutes south of the Barnes to reach the Mutter Museum.  

5. Boston, Massachusetts
Narrow, twisting streets are a pain in the butt for drivers. For those travelling on foot, however, it’s a dream. There’s always something to see in a city where almost everywhere you look has something of historic value to our country. Great photo ops can be had at the statue of John Harvard (remember the three lies?) on the Harvard campus or Daniel Chester French’s Minute Man statue. You might know French better for his other famed sculpture at the Lincoln Memorial. 

6. San Francisco, California

San Francisco

You’re going to get a workout with all the hills, but it’s worth it to see San Francisco by foot. Walk throughChinatown’s narrow streets in an area with one of the largest Chinese populations outside of Asia. Fisherman’s Wharf is loaded with history, epic looks at Alcatraz, great food and entertainment good for the entire family. Other spots in town to check out are the Transamerica Pyramid and 400 Block of Jackson Square, home to some of the few buildings that actually survived the 1906 earthquake and fire.

Which American cities do you like to walk around? Sound off in the comment section below.