6 ways to get yourself free hotel upgrades

Dream vacations start with getting the best bang for your buck on your hotel room. Make the most of the experience by trying a few of our tips to get hotel upgrades. 

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1. Loyalty goes a long way
While price is the ultimate deciding factor for many in finding the perfect hotel, brand loyalty is important. If you stay with the same chain on a regular basis and are a member of their rewards program, the better the chances you have of getting the red carpet rolled out for you when checking in. 

free hotel

2. They say it’s your birthday!
Ever said it was your birthday at a restaurant just to get a free dessert? Yeah, me neither. But the hotel concierge tends to give a freebie to guests checking in if they’re celebrating something. And it doesn’t have to be a birthday – It can be your anniversary or another special occasion.

3. Stay during the off season
Off seasons are different depending on where you’re looking to visit, but travelers that vacation during the quiet seasons can take advantage. Hotels are more apt to put you into a higher-priced room when they’ve got a lot of vacancies.

4. Short and sweet
If you’re staying for a week at a hotel, then you’re not going to get an upgrade. What reason do they have to give you freebies if you’re already there for a while? You’ve got a much better shot at getting that nicer hotel room if you’re staying for one or two nights.

5. Stay in the middle
While we’re all searching for the cheapest hotel rates, we need to resist booking at the lowest possible price. Hotel managers aren’t wont to giving someone that locked in the cheapest room in the house and give them the penthouse suite. Look for a room with a rate right in the middle and you’ll have a better chance at getting an upgrade.

6. Arrive late

We all want to start our vacations as soon as possible. And that typically means getting the hotel about an hour before you’re supposed to check in. Try arriving in the evening because the front desk will have some cancellations or no-shows that frees up rooms. There’s even a chance the resort oversold your room category, and they’ll have no choice but to give you an upgrade.