5 tips for the best Orlando vacation ever

Your family is excited about going on an Orlando vacation. But how can you get the most of your time in the theme park capital of the world? Just follow our tips to make it the best vacation ever. 


1. Stay away from the summer, long weekends
There’s no doubt that summer is the big time for family vacations. But think about heading to a gorgeous beach instead of the theme parks. Summers in Orlando are hot, sticky and full of other tourists. How much fun are you going to have when yelling at your kids while waiting in line for hours on end to get on a ride that lasts a couple of minutes? January through April are great with both weather and manageable crowds. You’d do well to think of traveling there in November since it’s usually dead with most visitors opting to come the following month for the holidays. 

2. Stop trying to see everything at once


The average American vacationer stays just under four nights in Orlando. That means you’re probably going to the parks for three, maybe four days. And you’re determined to see all Disney World has to offer in that time. Get the family together, pull out a map of whichever park you’re seeing that day and pick what things you definitely want to do. Whatever you see at the park after doing the planned stuff is icing on the cake. 

3. Buy the right tickets
So you’re going to be in Orlando for a week, but still haven’t an idea of what tickets to buy. The major parks have multiday tickets that don’t need to be used right away (Disney sells passes without expiration dates). That will give you some flexibility to see more of what Orlando has to offer. And shy away from park-to-park tickets, if you can. Unless they’re giving you a ride on the Hogwarts Express, park-to-park is more money than it’s worth.

4. Pick the right hotel


Orlando theme parks have their own resorts that keep you minutes away from the fun. On-site hotels usually offer benefits like extra hours in the parks and ticket upgrades. And yes, they’re great, but they also come at a higher price. There are a lot of great hotels in the Orlando area that can be tailored to what you want the most on our site. You can search for resorts that have everything from breakfast to a nice pool or golf course and shuttle service to the parks. 

5. Visit the parks early
If you decide that you really do need to see everything at the theme parks, then you’ll want to get there early. Visit the moment the parks open and you have a much better shot of getting on all the rides before the lines bloat. It also saves you on buying express passes at some of the parks which is money you can spend on other things, like that $30 T-shirt your kids can’t live without.

Have a tip to make an Orlando vacation even better than what we missed? Let us know down below.